We offer: Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bereavement and Ante-Natal Support

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No-one to turn to?

Often when one feels troubled or stuck it becomes unclear how to interpret life's challenges in a positive way.

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1 in 4 people suffer anxiety and feel low. Talking helps

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Firestyle Magazine

We work closely with the fire and rescue services delivering timely and bespoke counselling to individuals who need outreach. Post Traumatic Stress, Depression, Generalised Anxiety are among some of the issues we help to find practical solutions for, working with individuals towards a positive resolution.

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Combat Depression

Often triggers in every day life can offset a downward spiral to low mood and hopelessness. Counselling offers support in a safe environment and encourages sharing about the life changes which have created the depression. Some life changes such as bereavement, trauma, divorce or separation, relationship issues.

Fight Anxiety

A life event can spark feelings and memories from a past significant life event. Our one to one counselling at Middlesex Counselling Services offers the tools to help overcome the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks, helping to focus on more positive outcomes when faced with difficult social situations.

Building On Loss

1 in 4 people will experience low mood and helplessness as a result of loss in their lives. Talking to a trained counsellor helps. Additionally, offered at Middlesex Counselling Services, our new Healing Body Work programme and workshops are useful to strengthen focus and regain positivity.

Manage Trauma

Trauma can set you back from the choices in life you have made. Losing control and feeling unable to cope makes in hard to maintain relationships and creates anger and emotional breakdown. Low self esteem and lacking confident are also some of the symptoms precipitated by trauma. Middlesex Counselling Service offers an Assertiveness Course which will help to enhance and reactivate your true self. Our one to one counselling is a good way to find measured and practical solutions to dealing with flashbacks, anxiety and depression.

I am a qualified Psychotherapist and offer discreet counselling services for issues ranging from ante-natal, depression, self esteem, anxiety, confidence building; to trauma, bereavement, addictions and recovery. My background has been in Mental Health since 2002. I have worked at West London Mental Health NHS Trust and Brent Mental Health Service. Recently setting up Middlesex Counselling Services Limited in 2016.