Below are some testimonials from previous clients who have experienced counselling with us and how it helped them for the better.

What people say:

I was the victim of childhood abuse and Estineh facilitated an environment where I could speak about my trauma and she made me feel secure to believe that I can change the course of my life by adopting small techniques to cope with my flashbacks.” – J. Cromer, Hayes

“professional support in my hardest hours.” – J. Maletti, Morden.

“I will recommend Estineh Roberson as anyone’s go-to person. She offers a non-judgmental and safe space to offload.” – P. Kealey, Ruislip

In order to protect my clients privacy, no names are mentioned  in the following counselling testimonials.

“I have been seeing Estineh for the past 2 years, since loosing my parents and going through a painful divorce. In the beggining I use to visit her on regular weekly basis for my depression and insomnia.”

“After just three months my symptoms shifted, my mood lifted and my sleep pattern returned to its normal. Now I continue my sessions with longer gaps in between. I find Estineh’s unique work of counselling – integrating the Biorhythmics in her work, an invaluable aid for keeping me on track during my recovery time.”

Writing your impressions and explaining in few words how you felt and what differences you noticed after your psychotherapy session, will encourage someone else in a similar situation, to find the courage of stepping out of their entrapment and change their life for better.

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